Font preview in Fontself showing wrong characters

I was working on a rough version of my newest font and noticed that when I added the characters to Fontself it previewed the wrong characters. For instance, if I press “k” it shows an “n”. Almost all characters are wrong even though Fontself has correctly identified “k” as a “k” and when I save the font and use it it works just fine. It’s only in the preview section that it’s acting crazy.

I noticed as I installed the font in my font book program on mac that the preview section there also acted up the same way - but the font itself works just fine.

What could be causing this to happen and is there a way to fix it? I want to sell the font but I don’t want people to worry about the preview after buying it and then wanting a refund or something.

Thanks so much! Fontself continues to be an awesome plugin!


Not sure what’s happening here, could you send the font to for inspection?

I’ll do it right away!

Thanks, so just confirming the issue is happening due to the large amount of points - which triggers a memory error on the extension. This is not trivial to fix due to the underlying technology of extensions, but hopefully something we can overcome in the future.

In the meantime, optimizing the number of points in your shapes is the best way forward until you go below the buggy behavior:

Oh okay! Well at least the font itself works just fine. :slight_smile: So, I doubt it’ll be a problem. Just wanted to know what was going on. Thanks for the quick answer! :smiley:

The font file is actually not functional on our end (mixed up character), you might have a cached version that worked well.

Oh no. I need to check that out then. But it looks fine in Creative Market’s preview section here:
Or maybe it doesn’t look right for you there either?

The CM preview looks but so you should double check the file you’ve uploaded there to ensure it types fine everywhere.

I definitely will! Thanks!