FontSelf crashing in Photoshop on export


Just running the latest version of FontSelf for Photosohp here (2.3.4) but coming across an issue with a bitmap font I’ve created. I can export a black and white version (quite a few levels of greys in the artwork) without issue, but when I try to export the full colour version the FontSelf panel goes blank and no font is created? If I close Photoshop and reopen it, the FontSelf panel opens the last font that was exported, all the latest work gets lost. Any thoughts or solutions?



Hi Rian, bitmap fonts can grow in size pretty dramatically depending on the complexity of the glyphs (how many colors, whether there is textures, etc.) and at a certain level this will indeed crash the extension.

Usually, it’s safe to keep bitmap fonts below 50 megabytes though we managed to create a bit larger files with simpler glyphs. Definitely an area of improvement for the future, though we are not sure yet how far we will be able to push this limitation (how would the operating and apps handle a gigabyte font file :slight_smile: )