Fontself does not recognize all my 26 letters. Red window

Hi All
I’m having difficulty loading my lower case alphabet into Fontself on Illustrator.
Uppercase went through fine. Anyone know how to fix? I have all 26 letters neatly in a row but Fontself doesn’t seem to recognize that. Tried some trouble shooting, but now my lower case option in greyed out entirely. Only allowed to make glyphs. Any solutions are greatly appreciated.


Don’t know what trouble shooting you tried, but as a work around you could type all the lowercase letters into the ‘create glyphs’ input field (separated by commas .i.e. a,b,c,d…) Assuming all your glyphs are in the correct order.

Thanks so much for responding. Turns out one of my letters, an open loop g, wasn’t registering with the program so I made one that it recognized and now have to switch it out with a glyph.