Fontself Extension Window resizes itself too small

Hi there,
I’m a new user to Fontself 3.5.7

I’m using the extension in Illustrator 2022 - Loving it so far - I’d like to thank the designers for such a great user experience - truly.

I was using Fontself without issue until at some point, resizing the window for a more optimial view resulted into the window automatically shrinking to an unusablely small size every time I try to drag it to be larger. I can’t get it to a size that works now matter what I try it seems.

I also tried to submit a bug through the extension window, but it just reverts to the default (tiny) view.

Is there a trick to having explicit control over the size the and shape of the extension window?

Would love some help here, I’m pretty stuck with my new toy.

Thanks for your time and attention with this issue,

I was able to work around by scaling the extension window to the entire screen realestate.
Not ideal, but I’m back to work.

Again, more explicit sizing without the window making ‘assumptions’ for you would go a long way.
Thanks :slight_smile: