Fontself Font created but there is NO Preview visible in Photoshop

Hello, I have created some font tests in Fontself for Photoshop CC 2021 with MacOS Catalina

When I create a font and then save it, and install it, I have seen that there is NO preview available in the Photoshop font dropdown list?,

I have seen seen that other Color fonts SVG appear correctly the colorful preview and I am using MacoS Catalina and Photoshop 2021 that both are new.

I can see correctly a preview of the font in color in Fontbook app

So, I wonder why there is no preview in Photoshop? does this depend on Fontself to create a preview or it depends on Photoshop?

Please, any other user that may have created color fonts with bitmap fonts, do you have a preview?

Thanks very much for any possible help, much appreciated

Hi SpaceRay,

I just created a small font in Photoshop (Bitmap, color) with only the letters A, B and C.

Then I quited Photoshop and installed the new font, which I named “A-Marker”.

In Photoshop CC 2021 under macOS 10.15.7 Catalina (Intel-Mac) I can see the font:

and I can use it:

So, it’s hard to tell, what you problem is. Perhabs you will try it with a other name of the font or just with a view letters like me to test your system.

Greetings Jens.