Fontself for PS


I’m working on some bitmap fonts in Photoshop version. I have my font all set up and ready to export, but the export hangs. I eventually have to reload the extension and then I have to start from scratch.

I’d like to suggest an option to save the FontSelf work file so I don’t have to recreate from my base file every time.

I’m not sure why it’s hanging up. I suspect the file size is too large, so I will try again with slightly smaller letters.

Here is my photoshop file if you want to test as well. I will also try to export just a few letters the next time I try to see if that makes a difference.


Yes the glyph size and image complexity are both factors that can impact performance. If you stay around a maximum 750 pixels height, you should be pretty safe.

FYI, we hope to solve this type of memory issues in a future update as we work closer with Adobe to improve the performance of extensions within Photoshop.


I resized it below 750 px and it worked fine. Thanks.