Fontself install issue with Photoshop

After installing Fontself for Photoshop and launching the extension, the Fontself panel says “just loading” and never loads. I’ve gone through the troubleshooting list and still experiencing the same problem. I purchased for both PS and AI - all is working fine with AI. Thanks in advance for any help. If there’s another place to post this, please let me know.

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Update: I tried everything I could find find, in troubleshooting tips, to get the Fontself Extension to load on my iMac (2017 iMac with Mojave and using Photoshop 2019) but for some reason it does not like my computer. Works brilliantly in Illustrator though. I have an ancient 2011 Macbook Pro so I installed the extension for Photoshop 2017 on it and it seems to be working. I just wanted to share in case someone else runs into this issue.