Fontself not importing art

I created an alphabet directly via illustrator ( v 27.4 ) working from a mac desktop. I tried importing A-Z and then one letter at a time. In all cases the letter(s) appears in the lower menu but in the preview area. i i only get one rectangle with an x through it. below the letter in the lower menu I get an x on an orange background. i saved to system font folder and see the font name.otf. when i try and add letters in illustrator each letter is a rectangle with an x through it on an orange background.

i restarted illustrator and the computer. i’m running macos ( v 12.5 )

Sounds like no specific character was assigned to each glyph, but you can fix that:

And if there is a font display issue, a screenshot would help.


not sure how to add specific characters - i’ve attached screenshots

re a-z install - should i install a-z ( 26 letters ) and then alt letters ? how to assign specific characters to alt letters ?

is my preview not working because my font too thin for preview to capture it ?

thank you.

Uploading: Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 11.36.55 AM.png…


this font is for headlines only. is the font characters need to be added so the install process works ?

You must switch back the glyphs name option from Unicode to Character on the bottom left panel. Then just select the orange box and type the exact character key to assign it.

As for alternates, you can enter them at any stage, manually or in batches :


making progress thank you for quick response. it’s appreciated.

what is best way to make a-z same size. i’m ok to scrap what i have and start over with larger size which i think i know how to do. see attached

The AB and the rest must have been imported from different scales in Illustrator, so they should all be imported from the same document.

Have a look at the Smart Batch feature to bring everything at once without having to deal with glyph names several times: