Fontself Stuck on Loading Screen

Fontself is on version Fontself_Maker_AI_2.2.1_bac09.

InDesign is on version 26.0.1

Windows 10 is on 20H2

I open it and it just get’s stuck on ‘Just loading…’

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both InDesign and Fontself and no change, any ideas on how to get it working?1

Hello, you must retrieve the latest installer by visiting this page (just enter the email address you used to purchase the license, OR - if you cannot remember the correct email - the purchase ID):

Thanks for getting back to me Franz - I’ve tried this and the version appears to stick to 2.2.1 instead of updating. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Illustrator but doesn’t do anything. Neither does deleting the files in Program Files, AppData or Temp. Any thoughts?

Just sent you an email with instructions to uninstall and reinstall. Let us know if that helps.

What email address have you sent it from?