Fontself wont copy my colour graphic in photoshop


I have created a PS document for creating a colour font, I have put each graphic of the alphabet on individual layers in PS, but when I drag into fontself I dont see anything but a white background. its like fontself cant copy or paste the graphic.
What am I doing wrong. I’m using PS CC 2018 on the mac.


I would try to just convert one letter at first, and see what happens.

Select the layer with A on it. Then in the fontself panel, type A and then hit the create glyph button. See if that works. You should see the A in the preview screen. If not you must be doing something wrong. I suggest you read the welcome Gazette, found via top right hidden panel, it contains lots of info.

If you are dragging and dropping layers I would suggest you name the layer to the letter. Fontself will then convert it and use the layer name.


Hi Simon I worked out how to get my png into fontself.
what I did was open up the original png file I then scaled it 25% copy and pasted that to my workspace in Illustrator I then did a “image Trace” using auto colour after it did its tracing you have to go to the “Object Menu” then choose “expand” from there I could just drag and drop it into fontself and then lined up the bassline gave it a corresponding keyboard “key” when I export it I cant see anything in fontbook, so I installed it into illustratior and was able to type out all my Glyphs. All 119 of them So my font includes both upper and lowercase, all the symbols on a mac keyboard plus a few extras like the numero and fractions.
kind regards BigKev


Now you just need to learn how to do the same but with Fontself for Photoshop!