Free font TimeSaver

The free font TimeSaver.otf is a sans serif font for print, web and e-books with all 95 characters of Basic Latin, 96 Latin-1 Supplement and 128 Latin Extended-A; also with 52 alternatives for letters and numbers, 481 key symbols, 36 markers in circles and in four directions, 66 symbols as ligatures in English and German. Total over 1250 characters.​​​​​​​

Made only with Adobe Illustrator and Fontself Maker on Mac.

(Tip:) The keys, markers and symbols are available in all TimeSaver styles and variants. So you do not have to change any character format and can simply type in the characters. If the TimeSaver font is not available in the web or e-book, the user will see the comprehensible plain text ((see:) spelling).


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Must have been the hell of a lot work! :open_mouth:
Thanks a lot!

Übrigens: Ohne die ausführliche deutsche Erklärung auf Deiner Webseite hätte ich Bedeutung und Verwendung nicht so wirklich verstanden :wink:

Freundliche Grüße

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The new version 1.5 is online. Better kerning, better explanation in the PDF documents, new symbols, …

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Hi Jens,
thans a lot, again!

Now I do have:

  • TimeSaver EQ
  • TimeSaver Sans
  • TimeSaver One

The new version "One” contains 10 styles.
The “Sans” version contains 18 styles.
It’s a little confusing, don’t you think?

Friendly Greetz

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Hello Hybi,

TimeSaver Sans is no longer available. The successors are TimeSaver One 1.7 and TimeSaver Two 1.7, which I would like to publish soon. EQ will also get a successor.
One and Two have received many corrections and extensions.

  • jens

Hi Hybi,

Fantastic work! Is this possible that i can contact you, i need assistance from you related to font buildup in fontself and it is urgent. Please contact me at Thank you

Hi ikram,
I’m not the creator of the TimeSaver fonts (it’s urs7000) and I’m not member of the fontself staff.
So what kind of support are you expecting from me?


I did the support yesterday. He wanted to know how to name letter like “Á Ă Â Å Ä Ǟ Ã Ą Ā Æ Ć Ĉ Ċ Ç Č Ď Ḑ Đ Ð É Ê Ě Ë Ė Ę Ē Ĕ Ğ Ĝ Ġ Ģ …”.

  • jens.

After about 2 months of work, the free font “TimeSaver One” is now available. I hope that I could cure all “teething troubles”.

NEW: The symbol font “TimeSaver Two” (CC BY NC ND) with 1768 characters. Many useful pictograms around computers (keyboard symbols, hardware, software), for authors and editors to plan, write and improve incl. German correction characters.

If anyone notices anything else or would like more symbols, just write to me.

  • jens.

P. S. Deutsche Korrektursymbole sind separat als Grafiken verfügbar: