From Color to Black Font - Problem

Hello again,
I create a color font form the maritime flags. Now I want to have a black only version of it. And found a little problem with it.

  1. the colored flag consists of the separate parts white and red, which I created with the function Pathfinder > Divide.
  2. I fill all white elements with NONE and the red element with black.
    3 When I drag this black flag into Fontself 3.5.1 AI, I see that the two left elements are automatically deleted with the NONE fill.
    The two right elements with filling NONE remain in the group (see A) and suddenly turn black in Fontself (see B).
  3. if I drag the black flag into Fontself again and replace it, only the upper element disappears. And if I replace the flag a third time, I get the result as I expected.
    What could be the reason for this? Is the conversion with Pathfinder > Divide inaccurate?

AI and otf are in the zip-file (1.7 MB)

Keep healthy!

Try making the box stroke lines an outlined path then MERGE the glyphs then try it.

Hi yokerbloke,
thanks for your answers. My box stroke is already an outline path. I guess, the problem is, that Fontself don’t like elements without stroke and fill.