Generate Weights with Fontself?


Hi everyone!

Is it possible with Fontself to generate weights without creating all weights separately? For exemple in create light and bold, i can generate the medium weight or not?

Thx !


Hello Okami,

the answer is quite easy: No! :slight_smile:

Fontself is still a young app, concentrating on the basics.
Maybe in a few decades … :wink:



Hi Okami,
Hybi gave you the perfect answer. You need FontLab to do that.



“Variable Weight Fonts” are now part of the OpenType spec so perhaps we’ll see them show up in Fontself sooner rather than later. Here’s a great article:


Hi, thanks for your quick answers ! :slight_smile:


We don’t plan including variable font tooling in the short term, as there are indeed many other areas where we can bring value to a wider set of creatives (variable fonts are still much more challenging to conceptualize and build). But in a decade, who knows :wink: