Glyphs after saving are not showing up in otf file

Hi there.
I am pretty impressed about the workpower of Fontself and the plugin itself in Illustrator.

But i have a small problem
I imported letters and glyphs for my font, but when i save the it as an .otf and install it on windows 10, the otf file doesn’t show my created glyphs, only the letters.
In Word, etc. it will be replaced with an alternative font, but the funny part is, in illustrator itself when i select the font, the glyphs will be shown correctly.

I hope my screenshot will show what i mean.
What i am doing wrong? Using FontMaker 3.5.4

Thanks in advance,

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Sounds like a font caching issue (many apps or operating systems keep the first version of a font in memory even if you update it), so try to delete/uninstall the font and reinstall it again:

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Thanks Franz!
You were right…It was a font caching issue in Windows 10…after deinstalling/reinstalling with the combination of rebooting (without it it won’t work) the font seems perfectly right now and every letter is now visible. Funny part that Illustrator and co. are better in font caching than Windows itself.

Thanks for the help and greetings from Vienna, AT

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