Greek characters and tonos symbol

Hi, I’m considering to buy this plugin-program but I want to now first if support special characters in greek language. For example:
The letter “A” has Α or Ά and α or ά. This special character wich named tonos enabled with the shift key and the letter A. Can I make something like this in this program? I want to make a greek font which the tonos symbol will be enabled with shift key, I don’t want the user have to open the glyph box and searching manual for the special characters.
Anyone knows about this?
Thanks a lot!

Hello tsoukalasdesign, welcome to the forum.

There are two possibilities for your wish:

  1. the (Greek) operating system supports the composition of ‘A’ into a glyph.
  2. you can create 'A as a so-called ligature. In Fontself, the symbol must then end with .liga in the Layers window, i.e. 'A.liga
    As an example, you can have a look at my character for 40 Latin languages: Free font TimeSaver

Thank you for your so fast response!
Because I’m new i don’t understand the second way. Do you mean if the symbol Ά and with .liga in the layers window will be able to insert the user this letter with shift key + A (= Ά)?
I downloaded your font (time-saver) from your site but the greek characters don’t work…

TimeSaver has no greek glyphs.

(1) The letter ä (German umlaut) is composed of the letter a and the drema ¨.
To type the letter ä, you can either type the letter ä on the German keyboard, which then also has this name ä. Or you can type the drema ¨ and then the letter a to get ä. This is supported by the (German) operating system.
If you create a character set, you can also create a ligature for safety’s sake. That is, a compound letter. This is known from the letter combinations fi or ff, which are closely joined for better readability.

(2) So the ä consists of the glyph a (3) and the drema ¨ (4), which can be created as a ligature.
In the “Layers” window you see the four glyphs and the three guides.

(5) In the Fontself Maker window you see the glyphs from (2). The ä is available as its own letter and as a ligature ¨a.liga.

You are the best! Thanks sooo much!!