Help: Imported Letters/Glyphs won't show up

Hi all! I just updated to 3.5.7 today, and I have a lot of trouble since.

Every letter, glyph, or number that I drag and drop in the FontMaker extension shows up as empty space, with a  assigned to it.
Even simple shapes - just a square - are not accepted by fontmaker.

What can I do? I re-installed it, and restarted everything, to no success!

Hello and welcome to this forum.

If you do not name the letter or numbers in the layers like “A” or “1”, you will get no name in Fontself, show by the empty square below a glyph.

I don’t know why you will get only empty glyphs. Perhabs you can send me a letter of two as an AI-file, that I can have a look in it. E-Mail: info (at)

  • jens

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