Horizontal Tabulation

Hello. Please tell me how to add or edit Horizontal Tabulation symbol

tab unicode U+0009
" "
(my “tab” has a width less than “space bar”)

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Normally you don’t need to create the invisible symbols like tab in your own font. This is only necessary if you want to make these glyphs searchable or if your font has a background.

(A) In the Layers window you can enter the appropriate Unicode for each character, here for A, B, C and a, b, c. For this I used my javascripts Font-Outline-with-Names.jsx (https://www.behance.net/gallery/123822365/Javascript-for-Illustrator-Font-Outline-with-Names) and Rename-Abc2Unicode.jsx (https://www.behance.net/gallery/124007461/Javascript-for-Illustrator-Rename-Abc2Unicode).

(B) I manually entered the name “U+0009” for the tabulator symbol.

(C ) After I dragged the dummy and the auxiliary line to Fontself and then the 7 glyphs. I clicked on the filter symbol at the bottom left of Fontself.

(D) Now you can also make the unicodes visible in Fontself.

(E) The “tabulator” correctly has the number “0009”.

TIP: You can also duplicate the space in Fontself and assign it the Unicode 0009 and then give it a larger width.

– j.


Hello Jens! thank you for quick response
and thank you so much for the scripts!

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