How are Cyrillic Fonts recognized in character maps?

Hello, I have created a Russian Cyrillic font and have no idea how the font file attaches to the “Russian keyboard” layout. Can someone explain how this is achieved? Thanks for any help available.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

If you give the glyphs the appropriate name in Illustrator, see screenshot 1, then the assignment is made automatically.

The font DejaVu Sans (OFL) contains all the characters and I like to use this as a template. Alternatively, you can also use the “Font Template” (screenshot 2).

For testing purposes, if the font is installed, you can change your keyboard to Russian in the system settings under macOS or Windows. It is helpful if you display the keyboard on the screen.

Good luck, Jens.

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Thank you Sooo much, Jens!

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