How do i reclaim my purchased liscense

Hey, about a year ago I purchased font self. Worked great for illustrator until adobe stopped supporting windows 7 and 8 pro for their products so my entire laptop ended up crashing due to alot of software and older systems running on it. I just recently upgraded to an HP laptop with windows 10, i recovered my adobe account and i tried to go to the fontself website to see if they had an option for me to login and claim my purchased product. nothing on the website except the option to purchase it again. I do have an old fontself extension setup from my last laptop but when i run it and click on the fontself extension in Ai a blank tab opens up. Is there anyone who can help me out?

Hi, you can retrieve the newer installer and your license key here:

And if the update and a computer restart don’t solve the issue, check here:

I searched all of gmail on both of my accounts and can’t find the ID. Is that my only option?