How many kerning pair do you adjust?

Recently I just created my first font with Fontself, I almost end up with 3000+ Kerning pairs. Is that normal? I adjusted spacing carefully before the kerning part. But I would like to make sure is it average? Can you guys share your kerning experience please?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shemul

So I don’t have enough experience with kerning advanced fonts to answer :sweat:

@franz & @Mohamed have more experience about that topic :slight_smile:

No, 3000 pairs isn’t really much.
If you have a huge character set and if you do your work accurate,
you may end up with even more pairs.

See this enlarged screenshot of my recent project.

So, don’t fear to have overdone :wink:


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That’s awesome. I just felt very good. Thanks Hybi, you just saved my day. Can you please show me some of your old projects? Just to get some inspiration as I am new font maker here. :smiley:

Hi Shemul,

feel free to take a look here:
Hybi at Behance


Nice Font…:wink: I love the flow of this font. It is very soothing and even comforting.