How many languages?


Hello, where could I find info about all the languages Fonself supports? Thanks


So Fontself currently supports Latin & Cyrillic scripts but users managed to do more:


Thank you for your reply. In the fontself character template, which can be found in the right upper corner of app, I can not see Cyrillic characters. Is there any other template where Cyrillic and other Latin can be found?


The template is only for Latin alphabet for now (almost the entire Adobe Latin 1 character), but if you create others feel free to share with the community :wink:


Thank you. If i want latin 2 character, how to assign this in fontself window? I tried to put the code U+0040 to @ sign, did not work, the programme wants to enter assignment from keyboard.
If I do not know where to find, for example, Polish letter L with slash on the keyboard - how would I assign this letter for Fontself?
Also, struggling to assign APOSTROPHE sign (for ex. for English -β€œIt’s”). Fonself cannot recognise my usual keyboard ’ and assign empty box.
Please, help. Apologies, I am new to font creating


So you currently have to enter the exact character, not the Unicode value :

You can find them using the Character Map utility on your computer.


Thank you, that is helpful