How to fix letters that are cut off at the top?



I’ve been having lots of fun using Fontself to create new fonts, but just came across an issue and I am not sure what setting/tool should be used to fix it. I am creating a skinny/tall font and find my taller letters like “F” and “T” are being cropped at the top when I am testing the font in Illustrator. How can I fix this, if there is a way without me having to resize the letters and batch import them in again? I really love the scale of the font and am hoping something else can be tweaked. Thanks in advance!

Tiffany (aka Masselyn)



Thanks for the <3

I’ll recommend you to read that article:

Because what’s happening here is that the “ascender” value is too low. Just put an “ascender” guide and export your font again, it should do the trick :wink:


I was having similar issues with ascenders or descenders getting cut off, particularly in Microsoft Word. On screen it would appear cut off, but it actually printed out just fine. I was able to fix these on the new Fontself update. I reopened the OTF, then raised the ascender line. I also went further and adjusted the line heights.


I really appreciate the tips and will be working on the font this weekend and will try some of these things.

Mikkomix, it is weird because I found the same thing - printing or exporting images with the words comes out looking great. No cut off other than on screen, so odd…but I know it is important to fix this issue before I finalize and try to sell my new creation.

Thanks again.