How to join cursive letters in the app

I’m trying to turn my cursive handwriting into a font. I downloaded the font self app, selected the “hand” template and filled out all the letters with my Apple Pencil.

But when I type letters, my new cursive font doesn’t join up. All my letters have the necessary heads and tails, but I don’t see any way to get these to connect seamlessly.

Can anyone help?

Hi Tian,

What software are you using, if you let me know I can put together some screenshots, but this is a tracking (letter spacing issue). Sometimes it gets confused with a term called ‘kerning’ but kerning is the spacing between two letters, tracking is the spacing between all letter, in general.

To rectify this you should see options to reduce the letter spacing ( hit the minus icon to reduce the spacing). You may also see a ‘smart’ button…I’d suggest pressing that first to see if it helps…then reduce the letter spacing until the cursive letters join up.

As I say though, if you can let me know what software you’re using FontSelf with I can try and pull together a few screenshots for you :slight_smile:

I’m just using the font self app on my iPad. I tried playing around with the letter spacing settings, but it doesn’t join my cursive letters together. It just squashes them together. Should I be using a different software? I thought all I needed to use was the font self app?

I’ve attached a screenshot below of the app in illustrator. I’ve highlighted the left and right ‘bearings’ (dashed vertical lines). These are the ones that probably need to be adjusted for each letter to get the cursive text to line up correctly (along with the letter spacing).

I had a look at the iPad version of FontSelf and I unfortunately don’t see this as an option that you can change :frowning: I think the best thing to do is to contact the lovely people at FontSelf directly using the online chat here: and hopefully they can help out…I don’t use the ipad version much, so maybe left and right bearings are something that can be altered and I just dont know how to do it haha

I hope you get it resolved :slight_smile: