I can not set ascender, descender and baseline

It seems I can not set or change the values of ascender descender and baseline. I change the ascender or descender or baseline in fontself and then i install the font in illustrator but nothing changes.

A couple reasons here:

  • So while the vertical values of a font can be changed in Fontself, Illustrator does not use these metrics to position glyphs, and instead relies on the highest and lowest extremes of your glyphs. But in this case, repositioning the baseline should work…
  • Hence another possible reason: you might have a duplicate font, both in your system font library and the Adobe Fonts folder (that is used when you press Install). In this case, AI will always pick the system font, and not display the new edits you might create. If so, simply uninstall the font from your font manager, and try again to edit the baseline and press Install to see your changes.

Ok, but how can I set, for example, the ascender to 750? It is important to determine the real size that a font has for example at 12 points.
How does Fontself calculate these values when I create a glyph?
If I use the size command to change the size of glyphs, how can I adjust the caps-height and x-height?


So the first time you create a glyph in an empty font, we normalize its size to fit into a 1000 UPM box, and try to adjust it depending on whether you import a lowercase, uppercase or else.

Numerical input of vertical metrics is not yet exposed in the current version. To define ascender, descender, x-height and capHeight you leverage Illustrator’s guides: https://help.fontself.com/making-fonts/set-font-metrics-with-illustrator-guides

Hi am using this topic to ask about a similar situation im in rather than start a new topic. In illustrator which i don’t know at all and have 1% basic knowledge. I do all my work in COREL and export it as AI. And open in A.I. and when place ruler guides on the characters. For baseline and cap etc… They don’t carry over to A.I.

But need to how to get the line on the base and top of cap and lowercase height. As A.I. is doing what wants with the lines. Rather than me getting to do what I want. As I want my typefaces to be the way they need to be.

I cant get for example the ruler guide on top of the height of the CAP letter and bottom. Why cant this happen.

If anyone knows I mean please post.

Can post or add a picture if needed in due course.