I cannot import bitmap fonts

Hello All.

I cannot import my bitmap fonts that I’ve created in PS. I have each letter on it’s own layer and all my letters are in line but when try to import all 26 lower case letters or try to batch them. I just get an empty glyph and a warning symbol.

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Based on your one screenshot, it’s hard to tell or see why the glyphs were not created in Fontself. I just tried it myself for three letters, with each letter on its own layer (no subsets!). The rasterised layer can be a normal layer or a smart object.

Try it with a very simple graphic containing only a black square. If that doesn’t work either, then the installation is probably not correct.

Otherwise you can send your PSD file to Fontself for analysis.

Good luck, Jens.

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Hi, also check this article to see whether any of the proposed solutions can help: https://help.fontself.com/en/articles/4030896-empty-glyphs-in-photoshop