I Can't Change Font Color After Saving it


Hi Fontself Community,

I’m new the software, and I’m having trouble saving my font. I’m designing a brush style font, however, after saving the font, I can’t change the font to a different color other than black.

Please help!

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Ok, sounds like you created a color font or that some shapes are not entirely black. While you cannot yet convert color fonts back to monochrome ones, you can replace existing colored glyphs with black ones to make a standard vector font.


They say I have to use bimap type. The program won’t allows me to use it. I have Photoshop cc. Also my font is is pure black. Another thing, I can use the font i saved in Illustrator when the canvas is in RBG. If it’s CMYK, the font won’t show up. Any thoughts?


Ok, so bitmap fonts have fixed colors that cannot be changed afterwards. You can either apply some layer effect to recolor the font, or start a new vector font from scratch: https://help.fontself.com/making-fonts/create-a-vector-font-in-photoshop-step-by-step

As for the CMYK rendering bug in AI, it should be fixed in the next release: https://illustrator.uservoice.com/forums/601447-illustrator-bugs/suggestions/34037734-glyph-rendering-bug-with-bitmap-ot-svg-fonts