I have dared to do an antique font …

With success? Future will tell …

Please have a look and tell me your opinion.

Friendly greetz :hugs:

Hey, I really enjoy the customized spiky uppercase letters on the cover, and wondering whether adding a set of such alternates would give the font greater personalization options. Having various alternates per character - like each one with a different visual styles (spiky, melting, shiny, etc. ) - could give it even more flexibility for custom titles. Just my 2 ¢ :yum:

Hi Franz,
please take a look at the left side of the 3rd pic :grinning:
There are up to four alternates at each uppercase letter.
Alle of them „Metal“ style – as the fonts are named.

Please don’t expect me to add emojis to this font :wink:

Thanks and all the best