I search a way to use your plugins without Adobe PS and AI

I search a way to use your plugins without Adobe PS and AI
I have licensed both plugins however cant use the plugins. Adobe have only the CC2019 and 2020 for download.
CC2018 will not supportet and cant installed.
Why. I have had to downgrade my system. the Nviodia grafic driver for my cards are not windows10 compatible.
TIA for all helpful answers.


Hi Dean and welcome to this forum.

I think there is no way to use the two plug-ins (that’s why it’s called a ‘plug-in’) without using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

The fact that Adobe removes older CC versions from your websites is annoying. But I guess you have to live with it in a subscription system and expect it.

@urs7000 yes I understand. some times have the developer teams a standalone in the save. I was since 1996 AdobeUser and now I have to go to others. This is a hard way… Nvidia is the main problem. the grafic driver are not WIN10 compatible. this is more than hard. And Adobe dont want be Win8.1 compatible like Corel.

Hi @deaneau so Fontself Maker is not available outside of the Adobe apps as it’s tightly integrated to them. Sorry we can’t help you further here.

hi Franz,
is there a plan to change this? slowly i get the impression that adobe has become a dictatorship. I only had good experiences with Fontself, otherwise I will have to sell all the plugins I ever paid for.
opensource inkscape would be a good way. do you know of any alternatives that do the same as your team? Dean