Illustrator quits after importing a-z (post-object cleanup)

Hello folks! I’ve got Adobe Illustrator 2022 26.3.1 on a PC and just purchased fontself yesterday. I’m having an issue where Illustrator quits after I do the “Import a-z” (or A-Z or 0-9). I looked around on the internet and found that it might be due to grouped empty path objects, so I ran object->cleanup->stray points on all of my layers, but the crashes are still happening.

Any advice?

Hello Sam,
do you have the latest version of Fontself installed?

What happens if you drag only one or two letters, like A and B, into the Fontself window?

– j.

I have Fontself 3.5.7, which I think is the newest one.

Naturally, after I posted this the quitting stopped. But instead, fontself’s “importing” window just spins forever. This happens when I drag one glyph or multiple in at the same time.

Hi, if the extension loads but no shape can be imported, it’s possibly due to a third-party tool like a firewall which may block the clipboard_x86_64.exe process. This is usually fixable by whitelisting it in your firewall app, and then restarting Illustrator. It should be accessible under this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\com.fontself.maker.v2\node_modules\clipboardy\fallbacks\windows\clipboard_x86_64.exe

We have limited experience & access to PCs but also have a look at these links (or search Google to whitelist on your specific firewall app):

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