I'm ditching adobe and I'm not sure what to do next

I’m quitting adobe due to financial issues. At first I didn’t mind the payed sub, but after half a year it feels in my wallet…

But now I don’t know what to do with fontself :-? Does anyone have any ideas? Or is anyone else going through this?

I think it would be nice if fontself would become a stand alone 3ed party app that would go well with other design software or even a stand alone software like Glyphs.

Hi, we’ve heard this a few times and definitely wanna help here. Stay tuned…

Call adobe support or use your adobe account chat and ask for (COVID) discount … you will get 1 year discounted price/month.

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there are a few alternatives to adobe products, but like @Dejan_S suggested, its possible to get a caring Covid discount – worth a shot, I did!

The previous year, losing a nice contract for that year - I can relate. I quickly started using Affinity Products. But yes, Fontself doesn’t run under Designer - I wish it did. Back freelancing now - I am able to get the occasional Fontself project going if time permits. Affinity applications are really top notice, however not as easy to grasp if you are years in with Adobe. Back in my day… we had Aldus Freehand, Macromedia - and some of Affinity designers methods are very similar. Its worth learning and could in fact help you leave Adobe forever… however if you really needs Fontself all the time… perhaps buying Glyphs Mini v2 would be a good compromise. https://glyphsapp.com/buy