Import into FontForge, glyphs map off


I’d like to tweak my font a bit more in FontForge. However, when I import into FontForge, the glyphs map is off and the chartacters do not match up to the appropriate letters that correspond. Is there a trick to mapping a fontSelf created OTF while importing into FontForge? I suspect this question may be out of scope but I thought I’d ask anyway.


I discovered that in FontForge, I needed to go to Encoding > Detach and remove glyphs and that seemed to take care of things.



So as you mentioned it’s out of scope but your last comment is interesting.
I don’t know what “Encoding > Detach” is doing though but if it works for you it’s great!

Just curious what did you want to edit in FontForge?


I was hoping to edit in FontForge in order to export as TrueType. But this became a rabbit hole as FontForge is not for the faint of heart. Once I got the “Encoding > Detach” issue figured out, the font did not export well (numerous errors and no preview) and at that point I had spent so much time in FontForge, I decided it was not worth it. My fallback was to simply use an online converter which worked perfectly fine, I just was not thrilled to be uploading my font to a site like that.

In the end, I did discover that FontForge provided additional “font infos” fields that Fontself does not have which could provide to be useful. For example, “Human Readable Name.”

Ultimately, I now see the simplicty and elegance of Fontself, it just works and for that I am grateful as I have now made my first font and it’s up on Creative Market.


Thanks for the details @danomatic - FYI, we are working on a solution that will help using your own fonts on the web, just sent you an invite to join our private beta and give it a try :wink:


hey Franz, thanks for the invite, looking forward to testing it out!