Importing an image of a 1 coin

Hi. I recently started using Fontself and I have run into a problem.

I am importing an image of a coin with a 1 printed on it. Fontself recognizes this as the letter 1. However I want to rename it something like 1GOLD so when I type that, then this image is used.

However it wont allow me to do that, as it has been recognized as a “1”. If I import it again, it asks if I want to replace it and keep forcing me to import it as “1”.

So how can I import my image and allow it to be named 1GOLD?

Hi, in order to create a multi-character name like 1GOLD, the font must include all characters for each individual character as single glyphs (1, G, O, L, D). Is this already the case?

Maybe I’m wrong but could this be created as a ligature? I.e. selecting the coin image and manually writing 1GOLD into the glyph name?

Hi. Thanks for your help so far. I’m a newbie here, so please bare with me:)

Here is what I do. I drag the image into the Fontself panel.

Here it recognizes the image as a 1. If I try draw it in there again (or another icon looking like a 1) it says:

None of the options help me.

When I try rename into “1GOLD” I get this message:

(and yes I have both 1,g, o, l and d).


Ooook. I think I solved it using the Ligature suggestion. Thanks!

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Glad to hear you got it sorted :smiley: