Importing fonts into Fontself for iPad?

Hi, in another app I’ve seen you can import fonts or images. Is this something coming to Fontself? So for instance lettering I may have created by hand but want to import into Fontself to use as a template, or an old font I want to make into my own style?

The other app was iFontMaker, I took a class in creating fonts with it and it shows the import of a font that you can “trace” over with the brush to create your own font, not directly copying it.

I don’t have any Adobe products so can’t use that, I use Affinity Designer but I’m new to fonts so wouldn’t have a clue how to create one in that any way lol.

Hey, so importing background images is definitely something we will bring. The rest is more challenging regarding copyrights, but we’ll see what we can do here as well in the future.

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I’m very happy about it. we are waiting.