Installation issues with illustrator CC

HI. I just downloaded and installed fontself, but in the windows–> extensions–> its not there. In use CC version. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Did you actually restart your CC application after installing fontself?

Yes I did the restart. I also restarted the computer and then re-installed fontself and there’s no luck either…

Hello??? Can someone help me please?

Hi, what version of CC do you use? CC 2015.3 is the minimum for Illustrator support.


I am using 17.0.2

This older version of Illustrator is not supported, as stated on our website only CC 2015.3 (version 20.0) is compatible. Can you update it?

Okay, thank you. I have removed the old version and installed a newer version. Let’s hope that fixes it.

It worked!!! Now I’m figuring out how to make it work! Thanks,