Installing Fontself cause Illustrator to FREEZE

I have a Win10 machine, updated, i5-7700, 32GB RAM, three SSDs and an INVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with Adobe Creative Cloud. Immediately after installing fontself, my Illustrator locked up and crashed when trying to drop some simple number glyphs onto fontself. I had to uninstall fontself so I could continue to work with Illustrator. There is no advantage here over FontForge if it DOESN’T WORK, and I had to pay you the privilege of crashing my Illustrator over and over.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately you have not written which version of Illustrator you are using. The current version is 26.3.1 and Fontself is version 3.5.7. If you have older versions on your computer, please make the necessary updates.

Can you place a screenshot of your glyphs, the windows > layers andthe freezing fontself. Perhabs we can see the problem.

– j.

Illustrator CC v26.3.1 and the latest FontForge I downloaded from the site.

Nice font, but this does not help me. This is not a screenshot from Illustrator and Fontself. :frowning:

I uninstalled Fontself