Intersecting paths being spliced at intersections

I’ve encountered some strange behavior when making a recent font. I’m attempting to make a font where the path is stroked to form the letter rather than an outlined shape. Of course paths need to be closed for a font to be created so I’m creating a workaround by adding a connecting point far beneath the baseline to close the path. I’ll import the text into illustrator, convert text to outlines, and directly select/delete the extraneous point(s).

Here’s the problem: My uppercase letters accomplish this perfectly, but the lowercase letters have all created splices wherever the paths intersect, adding more points, and complicating my plan to simply delete the extraneous point. It’s as if Fontself is performing the Illustrator ‘pathfinder unite’ or ‘merge’ function on the lowercase letters. Oddly the uppercase letters preserved the original shape. Does anybody know why the shapes are behaving like this?

This is by design. The software optimizes shapes in the background to avoid edge cases, and this is not something you can prevent. For similar reasons, stroke-only fonts are not supported either.