Invalid font file exported every time

Fontself for IOS

I tried to upload the OTF but “new users can’t upload”

I just paid for this app. If you’d have let us test exporting, like the app description suggests, I would never have bought it. So, good design decision there!

Can you give me an email address I can send any of the faulty exports to?

Thanks. Annoyed

So, I did a little experiment.

I had made some fonts before I decided to pay for the app. None of the will export as valid OTF files. Why not TTF, by the way?

After I paid for the app, I made 2 new fonts. Both export valid files.

First new one was based on the script template.
Second new one was based on the same template I used to make the three pre-purchase fonts.

Fonts made before paying will not export, even after you pay.

I hope this helps you diagnose the bug!

My problem is that I got this app to make the first three fonts.

What do I do now? I hope I don’t have to make them again.