Is Fontself compatible with mac M1? Thanks

Is Fontself compatible with the newest versions of Illustrator and Photoshop for mac M1? Thanks

Hello Charles and welcome.

You can use the newest Version of Illustrator and Photoshop with Fontself Maker in macOS and Windows 10.
Fontself uses on a M1-Mac the Rosetta 2.

Best regards, Jens.

Hey, for extra clarity, Illustrator runs the extension with no problem on Apple Silicon (no need for Rosetta).

However, Photoshop requires to be launched via Rosetta under M1 to function properly, as detailed here:

Hi Franz,

not to confuse the topic but when Adobe does provide a true version of Illustrator or Photoshop for Apples M1, will there be a new Fontself plugin needed to install?


— second read… Fontself update not planned as of yet. Hopefully, after Adobe launches a fully M1 VERSION there will be. thx again

Not knowing how things all work together – one could still wonder… if Adobe updates your subscription to run your rented app as a M1 version; that maybe Rosetta2 gets used to run the plugin Fontself? Probably not… yet one keeps wondering. We wouldn’t want to lose this amazing tool.

Adobe Photoshop is already ready for Apple M1. See

@WF-CN The current extension runs smoothly on the newest M1-compatible versions of Adobe Apps. In Illustrator with no specific modification. In Photoshop, you must still run it via Rosetta as the some of the features we use in the extension were unfortunately just deprecated by Adobe (and without any warnings…) and to our knowledge there is no replacement in sight. So Rosetta for PS might be the only way forward for a while.

Thank you Franz, that excellent news for Illustrator users of Fontself.

This is an update to my previous post. It appears that Fontself does work on my M1 iMac using Illustrator 2022,2023. But when I tried to use Illustrator 2024 the extension panel failed 95% of the time. Franz and the team are now aware of this issue caused by Adobe rather than the M1 chip itself.