Is there a way to copy/paste styles between cases?


I’m creating a font that has the exact same upper and lowercase characters. I have all my spacing and kerning customized in one case and was wondering if it was possible to copy and paste all the settings from one case to the other, without having to re enter all the information.



the same upper- and lowercase characters?
So, where is the difference?

Well, the ability to transfer metrics from one font to another has been discussed at this board in full length.

The best workaround at this time should be to replace the altered characters in the existing font and to export it with a new font name.

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When we want to make multilanguage font, I think it will be very useful to copy a character to another with the same metric (spacing and kerning).

For example; I make all the kerning for “A”. I copy “A” to “À”, “Á”, “”, “Ô, “Ä”, “Å” and then replace each character with the one I design with the accent. I save a lot of time.

I think there is much advantage to have the possibility to copy (or duplicate) character.


Handling spacing & kerning across glyphs & fonts is something we will ease for sure in the future, but we are still not there yet :frowning: … Got a couple more big things to finish and launch before we can solve these challenges in an elegant way.


I’d like to echo this request. It would be great to copy kerning information from character to character. I am building a display font and have the same upper and lower case letters and it would be great to build one case and copy to lower case. The way it is now I have to enter all the kerning information twice for both upper and lower case, when it’s essentially all the same information. Copying or allowing an ‘input kerning from uppercase’ function would be awesome.


Agreed on “Copying or allowing an ‘input kerning from uppercase’ function would be awesome.”

One thing I also struggle with is that even if I kern the UPPER and lower, if someone types Title Caps it makes the kerning look wonky so then I have to go through and adjust for those. I know that the designer SHOULD know to use all lower/upper it happens when you don’t when using all caps fonts.


Kerning groups can do the trick for copying the kerning, but spacing-wise, I’ve had to do it manually so far which was a bit tedious. Franz replied to my question about a month ago on how to do that: Copying Kerning Pair Values?

Definitely now having the issue of wanting to clone all upper case characters into lower cases and afraid I’ll have to manually enter all the spacing values (I’m making a caps only font). I’d also be interested in this feature :slight_smile:


Do we have the answer to this already?


@johnmisael We have an upcoming beta that solves this issue with single case fonts, stay tuned this week.


Can’t wait. Thanks, Franz!


The Fontself beta that automatically generates the missing case was just sent to you. This means no need to mess with glyph duplication or copy/pasting kerning values.

If your font includes absolutely no character from the other case (upper or lower), upon Save and Install, all the glyphs in your font will be mapped to the same characters of the opposite case.

This will also map alternates, ligatures, kerning pairs & kerning groups. So you really have NOTHING ELSE to do to support single-case fonts. How cool is that? :slight_smile:

Please keep us posted on how the features fares on your end. Enjoy!
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Your suggestion to improve the Kerning feature

Thanks! Trying out now. :slight_smile:


@franz Would you be able to send the Fontself Beta to me as well please? Having the same issue as johnmisael.

Thanking you in advance


@Max Please send us the email address you used to register on Fontself (or your license key) to


Thanks, I’ve just mailed you :smiley: