Issue Creating exclamation points, colons, question marks

Hey folks, having a bit of trouble over here. When I try to import the shapes i have built for the respective glyps, I get an error saying “Too many objects are selected (2 instead of 1)”. It prompts me to ensure that my characters are single objects combined into groups or united using the pathfinder tool.

I’ve tried both uniting shapes with the pathfinder tool and making sure they’re grouped to no avail. Whenever i try to drag the united objects into fontself directly, it imports them as separate characters (for instance the exclamation point is turned into a straight line and period).

Not sure what to do here, can anyone help?

Hallo and welcome to this forum.

Without a screenshots it’s hard to tell where your problem is.

Here are some tips:

( A ) The guidelines “descender”, “ascender” and “baseline” must be in the some layer like the glyphs you have designed.

( B ) The dummy ist 70 % of your font size. In my example 21 x 21 pt for 30 pt font size.

( C ) A group of paths is ok. You give the group a name like “?” and than the glyph in Fontself will set to this key.

( D ) If you have path that are in touch each other, than use the pathfinder ADD to melt them together.

( E ) To be on the save side I convert all my glyphs to a Compound Path with Object > Compound Path > Make – see also tip 6 bewlow

( F ) For a new font select only the dummy and the guidelines first and pull them on the fontself window.

( G ) Second select all the glyphs and the guidelines to pull them as well on to fontself.

Tip: My timesaver Javascripts for Illustrator and Fontself

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Good luck,