Issue with Exporting


I get an error message when I try and install a font I’ve created. I didn’t have any problem with a bitmap font I created. But its saying that the vector version is not a valid font file. I’m not sure what the problem is.


Ok, so first make sure you exported it from the latest Fontself release (we just pushed 2.3.0), you can get it through this link:

If it doesn’t work, then please send the font file to so we can investigate.


The same problem but exporting from Illustrator version - any thoughts?


I’ve found that I was able to export on my mac. I downloaded it from creativemarket.


I’m running Windows 10 with Photoshop and I’m having the same problem. Have you found a solution? The normal fonts I create seem to work fine. But when I add alternate glyphs Windows doesn’t recognize it as a valid font file.


I found that if I convert the file then it is usable on my pc. I think it has something to do with mac coding. Because I had no problems installing it on my mac. I used an online converter and it worked perfectly. Which I’m very happy about. I just thought I’d let others know.