Issues with bitmap SVG font outlines

I’ve designed a typeface in photoshop based on some scanned in letters which had been cut out/background removed and set up as per Fontself instruction.

However, when I export the OTF and use it within InDesign CC 2019, the some letters will distort when outlined – Illustrator renders similar results but becomes incredibly pixalated.

You can see what I mean in the image below:

There’s also a considerable drop in contrast, if anyone knows a fix for this it’d be much appreciated.


These are issues that might be fixed with the most recent versions of CC apps, so try again from CC 2020 and check this trick for InDesign:

Applying the correct flattener rule worked a charm, thank you. Outlining is still problematic but like you said this is something that is remedied by updating to CC 2020 so I’ll bare that in mind.