Issues with lower case characters

I am using your template to help me with creating my own font however i am having issues with lowercase letters:


they are showing up as upper case and another thing to mention is the apostrophe is rendering as a comma instead of the intended apostrophe. here is a screen shot of what i mean.

Hello Schlampee and welcome to this forum.

I think you have not used any guides like “baseline”. Then the letters with descenders like to slide up. I have rebuilt your character set roughly and with the auxiliary lines baseline, descender and xheight it looks like this. Already in Fontself you can see if the letters are positioned correctly on the baseline (see green frame at the “g”).

All files for testing in Illustrator/Fontself are attached. (194.9 KB)

In Photoshop it also needs one (!) helpline, but unlike Illustrator it doesn’t need a name. It is also the baseline.

i did everything right but still renders incorrectly. is it because of my device Android?

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried a pure black font as well?
Not all systems and programs support colored fonts.

support for color fonts isn’t the issue it’s the letters that have descending and ascending characters that are the problem for me and im at a loss as to how to fix it.

maybe you can take a look at my font and tell me what i am doing wrong Flashbluefinal.otf (4.6 MB)

Hi, the font looks good on Mac, this could be a text rendering issue on the device’s software, not a problem in the font file…

yeah but the importance in fonts being rendered properly should be of high priority on a universal front. Not just what would look properly on Apple/ IOS products. Android should be taken seriously also. I am creating fonts to go along with my Android themes and it’s imperative that characters that require ascenders/descenders to display correctly.