It take so much times

Hi, I want to make a new style decoration font by Blender as 3DCG software and Adobe Illustrator.
However, I would like to convert an image output with Blender to a path in Illustrator and convert it into a font, but for some reason, it takes quite a while. I’ve already reduced the number of vertices considerably, and I want to go with this design, so is there any way I can do something about it?:worried:

Cool workflow! And you make Blenders’ default font shine!

Sorry, I have no idea what to do about this. Indeed, the number of vertices (or ‘nodes’) is my first thought. Blender can export massive amounts of nodes when exporting.

Maybe convert the node types from ‘smooth’ to ‘sharp’? Maybe use Inkscape ‘simplify’ on top of or instead of Illustrators? (Inkscape sometimes does a better job.)

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