Javascript: Find by Name

If you have a lot of characters and ligatures in an illustrator file, searching for a glyph becomes tedious. In Illustrator you cannot search for the name of an object. I have now written a Javascript for this. The script searches within a selection or the whole document for a name or part of a name.
For example, “$.liga” shows all objects ending in “…liga”. Or “A$” shows all objects that begin with “a” or “A”.
The input for the Javascript automatically appears in German in a German Illustrator, otherwise in English.

More information in the PDF files in the ZIP archive:

I have improved the Javscript even more. New in version 1.6:
• “$liga$” searches for all objects containing “liga”.
• The special characters ( ) ` * [ ] ? { } + are now also accepted as part of a name.

Link for download see above. – Have fun with it. Jens.