Just edit an existing glyph



Could we have the ability to edit a glyph?
For example, clicking on an edit button near the glyph would open an AI file with the vector character, the baseline, etc. Saving Ai file will automatically replace the glyph in Fontself (keeping kerning values from the old version).



Hi, you can edit a character and then replace it in fontselfmaker, preserving the metrics.
Isn’t this good enough?

After the characters in fontselfmaker are not really linked to their origin in Illu, your suggestion would be a great change in the apps behavior.

Greetz Hybi


Yes, metrics are saved as you say.

But the way to modify an existing character is complex :

  1. Create new Ai file
  2. Text tool
  3. Choose font
  4. Vectorize
  5. Modify on the AI artboard

What I suggested :

  1. Edit glyph button
  2. Modify on the AI artboard

And it would be greater to edit multiple characters at once, with a multiple selection or typing range.

Why not to edit the whole family of a character or a range of as well…

Quick rough :


Your method is unnecessarily complicated.

  • Create new Ai file
  • Text tool
  • Choose font
  • Vectorize

Hu? :astonished:
I have existing Illu files for all my self created fonts.
So your first 4 steps don’t appear here.

I just apply the modifications that I want.
Then I re-import to fontselfmaker und klick at “replace”.
That’s it :slight_smile: