Kerning pairs not saving


I’m having issues with kerning pairs in Illustrator. I have quit and restarted IA fwiw.

As indicated in the pic below, I kerned a pair (“b” and “y”), saved, installed. But when the word “by” is displayed it shows the original kerning. I have tried resetting it and saving, moving it super close and saving, etc. but I can’t seem to get the line of text to display what is in the editor.

Has anyone else experienced this or perhaps can point me to what I’m doing wrong? I have this issue on a few other pairs as well, “SA” “AS” “fo”.



I restarted AI again and this seems to have fixed the issue. /shrug

Leaving this here in case someone else has this problem, but seems like a bug – as I don’t think restarting should be required for viewing updates to the font.

Maybe a dev could speak to whether or not this could be an issue specific to using “Install”.


Using the Install button should always relies on Illustrator’s ability to refresh the font file. To our knowledge, this type of unsynchronised display occurs only when a font is installed via the system font folder (or font manager) which will cache the first version of the font - until you restart host apps.



I have the same issue. I restart AI but the problem is not solved… (I restart everything)

The font is not installed in the system and is not in font manager…


Problem solved…

I write e new text and select my font. Kernings appeared…


Cool, glad you made it work :wink: FYI there is still an issue with alternate glyphs, which won’t show up properly kerned in the bottom left preview. This is something a bit tricky to solve, but all other characters should be kerned properly. Let us know otherwise.


Hey there, I’m having a similar problem too with the kerning pairs.

The kerning works fine in illustrator, but when I try to use the font in word or sketch the font file seems to have forgotten all of the kerning pairs.

Anyway suggestions to fix this?