Lenguage Metadata error


Hi. I try to upload to MyFonts and they support report about problems with LanguageMetaGroupID

So, here is quote “For the uploaded fonts the LanguageMetaGroupID returned NULL as there is no entry for the LanguageGroupSet they belong to. Missing LanguageGroupSet is “1, 23,26” (English, Turkish, Russian). Can you please check your font’s metadata and define the language sets in the font files?
Please make these changes to your font files and then resubmit, and it should work fine!”

How to fix it?


Thanks for pointing this. We still have much to do for multi-language & multi-script support and this will be vastly improved this year. Not sure yet about a quick fix in the meantime but we’ll check and get back to you asap.


Hey. My previous message can be considered solved. The Myfonts team confirmed the erroneousness of its loading algorithm.