Licensing a Font

Hello! I recently designed a new display typeface and I was wondering how a EULA would be written if I wanted it to be available for PERSONAL USE only. Are there any templates I can check out? And do I need to mention fontself in any way?

Hello 1choLuna,
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I suppose you use Fontself in Illustrator.

If you click on ‘Font Infos’ (A), you will be taken to input fields. Not all of the 12 fields are displayed in the operating system, but ALL are stored in the font.
I made you an example of my font under macOS 10.14 in the screenshot.
The name (N) appears in macOS as well as the style (0). The license is mentioned (5), and the last four (7), (8), (9) and (X).
In any case, it is a good idea to write a EULA document, preferably as .rtf and/or .pdf, so anyone can open it.

As you can in see in (F) Fontself is allways named. But of course the manufacturers are happy if you mention Fontself extra, e.g. if you present the font in beHance.

Good luck.