Ligature name problem

Hello, your plugin is great!
However, I have a problem with the ligature names: if I put a dot inside a ligature name, the software refuses me. But if I put a dot at the end it works.
Is there a way to put a dot inside the name?
Thanks to you,

Hallo David.

Before you create a ligature, every (!) glyph must be part of your font. I. e. if you like to create ligature withe an β€œA” and the point β€œ.”, you have to make an β€œA” and a point β€œ.” in Fontself. After that you can create β€œ.A.lig” or β€œA…lig”. See the screenshot of y little example.

I think I’ve explained myself badly:
I created all my glyphs (the point β€œ.” exists with all differents caracters) The problem comes from the name of the ligature (see screenshot)
In my example I would like to replace β€œnpc” by β€œn.c” whereas if I write β€œn.” it works fine

… than I guess, you have no letter β€œc” in your font.

I do the same with my example: Letter β€œA”, β€œB”, β€œC” and β€œ.” first, then I can create β€œA…lig”, β€œ.A.lig” and even β€œA.C.lig”, as you can see:

But I have all my letters in my font.
I aded a β€œn”, β€œ.” and a β€œc” !
If I enter β€œnc.” or β€œ.nc” it works. But if I enter β€œn.c” the soft refuse.

I changed the names of the layers in my example to β€œn”, β€œp”, β€œ.” and β€œn.p.lig” works without problems, see screenshot.

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Thanks a lot it works :slight_smile: